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FMI Transport, Inc
FMI (Owned By the Freidel Family) was founded by Logistic Specialists back in 2004. The family started out as heavy machinery haulers. Today the team brings experience in super sized, hazardous, doubles, tipples, reefer, and all kinds of heavy machinery with one of the cleanest safety records in the country. Call and schedule a pickup, you may be surprised and see one of them pickup your cargo.


Temperature controlled units
FMI Transport has a fleet of Reefer units to serve all you temperature controlled needs. Our capabilities include heating or cooling your product to the desired temperature. We can even freeze it for that long haul.










our Equipment
FMI Transport has some of the best equipment to handle you cargo. Our equipment is, washed, cleaned and  maintained to the highest quality standards. We keep all the equipment up to US DOT Safety Standards. We invite you to check our record.

FMI Transport's Principles
Our Managing Staff


    Daniel Freidel: (855) 603-9400 ext 502
           E-mail:    dan@fmitransport.com


    Dan Djdordjevic: (855) 603-9400 ext 507
           E-mail:    dand@fmitransport.com


    Anna Freidel: (855) 603-9400 ext 500
           E-mail:    annaf@fmitransport.com







Chicago, Ilinois

FMI Transport Inc.
6688 Joliet Road, Suite 125
Countryside, IL 60525 USA.


Main Phone :       (855) 603-9400
Dispatch:      (855) 603-9400 ext 502
Main FAX:                (866) 449-0461
E-mail:    sales@fmitransport.com









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